When your home utilizes oil as your heating source, you have the option to schedule automatic oil delivery or to call when your oil levels get low. But which one is more beneficial? Today, we’re highlighting the reasons why you should utilize automatic oil delivery through Interstate Gas & Oil.


With automatic oil delivery, our team estimates how much oil you will use based on past deliveries and outdoor temperature and ensure your oil delivery arrives when you are down ton one-quarter of oil.

This means you no longer have to monitor your oil levels or spend time scheduling your next oil delivery. Everything is automated, giving you more time to focus on other aspects of your life.


By taking advantage of automatic oil delivey, you will have access to better heating oil prices than you would if you were utilizing will call oil delivery service.

Avoid Running Out of Oil

Running out of oil during the cold winter months will leave your scrambling to for oil delivery services as soon as possible. If this happens on the weekend, this can be even more difficult. Having emergency heating oil delivery can come at a steep price and include additional fees. Avoid paying additional fees and running out of oil with automatic oil deliery service from Interstate Gas and Oil.

Extends Life of Your Heating System

By ensuring your heating oil never runs out, you avoid issues with your equipment becoming clogged and damaged, as well as avoiding sludge from being pulled through the system. By always having oil in your tank, this won’t happen and will help extend the lifespan of your heating system.

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