Unless you live in certain areas within the United States, it is unlikely that most homes have heating oil. This isn’t because heating oil is too expensive, dangerous, inefficient, or unavailable. In fact, heating oil can be incredibly fair in price, safe, efficient, and easy to obtain. If your concerns are related to these factors, understanding the intricacies of heating oil will likely convince you to buy a home with heating oil. 

Cost of Heating Oil

Homes that are heated using natural gas or electricity rarely get a choice of provider. The monopoly of the utility leaves prices unnegotiable. Fortunately, heating oil can be a competitive industry. Since you have the opportunity to compare prices from competitors, the cost of heating oil remains lower than you might assume. By price comparing and knowing precisely what is on your heating oil bill, you can keep the cost down.

Is Heating Oil Safe?

Heating oil is nowhere near as scary as it may sound. Truthfully, the oil is not flammable at room temperature and requires preparation before it can be ignited. The only danger heating oil might pose is if your underground tank were to leak. A leak from an underground unit is difficult to locate and hard on the earth. As long as you have a heating oil tank in your basement, garage, or similar above-ground location, your oil will be unlikely to cause any problems. 

Heating Oil Efficiency

Heating oil is more efficient than other forms of heat providers. Propane, for instance, requires 35% more to heat the same space. Additionally, people living in heating oil homes can be more conservative with their use because they can see how much oil they have used since filling up. If they feel they are using too much oil than they had planned, energy conservation becomes more important. 

Common conservation efforts include:

  • Wearing layers
  • Drinking hot beverages
  • Baking
  • Improving insulation
  • Installing new, double pane windows
  • Sealing drafts

A home’s heating oil efficiency can become especially impressive if the homeowners are prepared to conserve the oil in various ways. 


Although you may not have heard of heating oil providers in your area, they likely exist. A quick internet search will provide you with some known providers, and a chat with locals can help you to find smaller shops. Heating oil is not difficult to find in most communities and is often available for sale by numerous organizations. 

Get it For Delivery

Heating oil delivery makes the process far easier. Even though automatic delivery can get pricey, manually scheduling your delivery when you need it is a cost that is highly worth the extra step. Be sure to check for extra fees and search for deals prior to ordering your first delivery. It is also wise to continue to compare prices for each purchase – your loyalty to a single provider will not always pay off. 

Heating Oil Maintenance

If you’re looking for home heating oil delivery and experts to speak with, Intestate gas & Oil is exactly what you’re looking for. For regular maintenance or to make sure everything is ready to go prior to purchasing a home with heating oil, Interstate can help you out. Interstate Gas & Oil can handle all of your heating oil problems quickly and efficiently. For more information, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form

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