Your heating oil tank is an integral part of keeping your home warm; what happens when your oil tank springs a leak? Oil can be dangerous when it leaks as it is a fire hazard and an environmental contaminant. It is vital to find leaks as soon as possible, understand why there is a leak, stop the leak, and learn how to prevent future leaks. 

How Can You Tell There’s a Leak?

A leak is commonly found using sight and smell. An inside leak can be spotted from the tank itself or pooling on the floor. On the other hand, an outside leak is harder to see but can often be identified by a reaction to steel or holes in your grass. Although oil tanks are durable and last a long time, they are not indestructible. A leaking oil tank can be an expensive fix, depending on the cause and where the tank is located. 

Is the Tank Inside or Outside?

It is easier to identify inside tank leaks, and although it is dangerous, an outside tank leak can be far worse. Knowing how to handle leaks, whether inside or outside, is a key part of owning a heating oil tank. It is always best to be prepared. 

Inside Leak 

An inside leak may have started from damage to the tank, causing a crack or hole. Otherwise, an older tank can obtain a crack from everyday use. When you have an inside leak, it is wise to call the fire department. Because of the fire hazards involved with an oil leak, this step is for your own safety. You will then want to open windows and doors to allow some ventilation to get to the area. The fumes can be dangerous in a few ways. You will also want to extinguish any open flames, stoves, or other heating appliances. To protect yourself and others, it may be a good idea to evacuate the home until the fire department arrives. 

Outside Leak

If you get an outside leak, things can get complicated. Not only is it essential to fix the problem immediately, but you must also contact an expert in environmental science, a contractor familiar with heating tanks, and the authorities. If the tank is buried, detecting the leak likely means that it has been leaking for some time. It would be best if you took swift action once you find a leak in your tank. 

Leak Prevention

Preventing a leak is far preferred to fixing one. In order to mitigate any fears of a heating oil tank, contact Interstate Gas & Oil. Interstate Gas & Oil is an excellent resource for not only fixing your leaking tank but for preventing further disaster. Reach out for all of your heating tank needs.

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