Regular air conditioning maintenance appointments help keep your system running smoothly and help tackle any small issues before they become big, expensive ones. It’s crucial not to push these appointments off, as so many homeowners do, to help avoid issues and ensure your family is comfortable all summer long.

When scheduling a tune-up appointment with Interstate Gas & Oil, you can expect quality work from our experienced team.

What to Expect from Your Tune-Up Appointment

  • Visual inspection of your air conditioning system
  • Cleaning of the air conditioning unit to remove dirt and debris
  • Assessment of air conditioning coils, fan blades, and motor
  • Cleaning of the coils, fan blades, and motor
  • Air filter replacement
  • Running the system an making adjustments
  • Inspecting the air conditioning unit for any leaks
  • Inspecting the ductwork and electrical
  • Clear and flush drains to ensure unit runs properly
  • Lubrication of the motor

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