The furnace is essential to keeping your home warm and protected from adverse weather conditions. It’s also an incredibly expensive investment that could potentially burn a hole through your wallet if you don’t properly care for it.  Taking care of a furnace is like taking care of your own body! By keeping up a routine of regular maintenance, it can live long and healthily without too many costly investments to keep it going. 

Install more Insulation 

That nice padding that goes around your house between your walls? It’s not just to fill in some cracks, it’s to help spread heat around your home. Insulation (or in this case, thermal insulation) can be a huge asset to extending the life of your heating system. By making sure the walls of your home are properly insulated, it will be easier for your living space to absorb more heat, putting less pressure on you to turn up the thermostat and use more energy from the furnace. 

Regularly change filters 

This is one of the most important parts about taking care of your furnace. If you want to extend its life and keep it running efficiently, replace the filters regularly. The amount of months you wait in between changing them all depends on the size of the furnace itself. Smaller ones will need changing every 2-3 months while larger ones can wait up to a year. 

Get annual service 

While it’s great to know how to inspect and fix certain aspects of your furnace, the knowledge and experience of a professional is unmatched. Having experts inspect and then fix any issues that are common with wear and tear on your furnace is pretty much mandatory if you want your furnace to last longer and still consume an efficient amount of energy while doing so. Having tuneups done on an annual basis will do wonders for your heating furnace and its functionality, including how much energy it consumes while heating your home. It also doesn’t hurt to have that peace of mind knowing experts are taking care of it on an annual basis. 

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