An empty oil tank is not just a sight for sore eyes or a space hogger but also a potential hazard. You don’t want to deal with any disasters related to an empty oil tank that could have severe implications for your oil tank and home’s heating system. An empty tank may not seem like a bad thing to you, but once it’s empty and is not being used, it could prove problematic. For your health, comfort, and safety and that of others, it’s smart to know the problem with keeping an empty oil tank around. Here’s a look at some of the dangers of an empty oil tank.

Empty Oil Tank is a Big Inconvenience

When your oil tank is running on empty, you are left without heating, which will amount to a considerable inconvenience. Can you imagine enduring winter when you have an empty oil tank that needs to be refilled before the heat can return to your home and your comfort is restored? An empty oil tank would lead to a loss of hot water and warmth at the most crucial time. Discomfort or even sheer misery could set in, and you don’t want to be in that position. Why go through the troubles that an empty oil tank can cause you and your family? You don’t need it. 

Filter and Nozzle Becomes Clogged

Heating oil sludge is common in empty oil tanks, and bacteria grow in the tank and oxidize. Condensation in the tank is responsible for the bacterial growth that forms the sludge. Your heating system is less efficient with sludge because it can clog the filters and the nozzles. Trapped debris is a problem and could lead to a failure of your heating system if the tank is not drained entirely by a professional. An oil filter that contains debris can cause the fuel nozzle to become clogged as well. If you are experiencing a foul or weird smell from your heater, chances are you have a clogged nozzle. 

Compromised HVAC Equipment

Your empty oil tank is bad for your HVAC equipment. With clogged filters that are ineffective at keeping debris, impurities, and sediment at bay and outside the feed line, your HVAC equipment is vulnerable to damage. A damaged HVAC system is far less efficient and cannot perform at an optimal level, and this only leads to more inconveniences. A bad situation is essentially made worse. A compromised heating unit in the middle of winter is not fun and makes for an uncomfortable environment for everyone living in your home. 

Condensation Inside Oil Tank

Condensation could occur in the empty oil tank, and you want to try and avoid this situation. Changing temperatures in the tank over time and accumulating water on the interior walls of the empty portion of the tank and you’ll often find this issue with outdoor tanks more so. This is condensation which creates the perfect environment for bacteria to develop. The result is typically sludgy heating oil. Your oil tank could begin to rot at the bottom because of the condensation, a costly problem to remediate.

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