It is officially springtime here in New England! This means that you have probably started spring cleaning around your home. While you are thinking of deep cleaning bathrooms and clearing out kitchen cabinets, there is something around your home that may have slipped your mind; your oil tank! Oil tank maintenance is extremely important all year round, and there are specific things you need to do to take care of your tank in spring. Here are some of the maintenance tips from the experts at Interstate Gas & Oil for taking care of your oil tank in the spring. 

Fill Your Tank

Because of the humidity the warmer months bring, it is crucial that you fill up your tank. Filling up your tank during the spring and summer eliminates any chance of moisture from the humid air getting in. Moisture build-up in your tank can lead to corrosion and other very serious issues. Fill up your tank and you will not have to worry about your oil tank for the remainder of the season.

Inspect for Leaks

You should be checking around your oil tank for leaks on a weekly basis. Make sure to check every part of your tank and the floor beneath it. Any sign of fuel around the floor is a clear indication of a leak. 

Look Inside

Checking out the inside of your oil tank can be a very useful preventative measure you can take. Since the weather is nice, you are finally able to give it a look. Once you can see everything, make sure to check for sludge. You can get down and dirty to remove this and clean it out or hire an outside source. 

Check Out Exterior 

The exterior of your tank can tell you a lot about its condition. Walk around your tank in order to look for things like rust, dents, tilting, and staining. Any signs of these things can be indicators of serious problems. Make sure to look at every part of the exterior including the legs. The legs of your tank should be stable with no tilt at all attached to the concrete underneath seamlessly. Any signs of these things can be indicators of serious problems. 

Contact Interstate Gas & Oil for a Tune-Up

Oil tank tune-ups are an absolute must when it comes to maintenance especially during the off-season. Our expert team has been providing oil tank services like tune-ups and maintenance for over 60 years along with our other services. If you have any questions about spring oil tank maintenance or would like to schedule a tune-up, contact Interstate Gas & Oil today at (978)-443-2300!

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