Your oil tank survived heating your home for another cold winter. While that is definitely something to appreciate, it is also less than ideal to simply hope for similar results when the cold air returns. Fortunately, with some spring oil tank maintenance, you can ensure that your tank lasts longer and is more efficient. Being proactive about potential future fixes is also far easier to handle in the spring than in the blistering cold of winter. You can make the most of your oil tank with these maintenance tips. 

Know Your Stuff

Do you ever scroll past a document, indicate that you’ve read it, and carry on with your life? Most people have. However, skipping over the reading is not a good idea when it comes to knowing all about your oil tank. Your local government should have regulations and guidelines set for oil tanks – and you need to know them. 

  1. Grasp how to report any future leaks. 
  2. Prepare ahead with knowledge of tank removal.
  3. Learn who to contact for underground testing.

These are just a few items you should know as an oil tank owner. Getting in touch with the authority for those regulations will provide you with the information necessary to handle the equipment you have correctly. 

Aim for a Spring Fill-up

Although it is generally a complex topic, most springtime oil prices are lower than in winter. If the lower cost fails to convince you to fill up in the spring, consider some other benefits, such as being prepared for the chill early on and ensuring a quick delivery without delay. Filling your tank in the spring will save you time and those few chilly nights when you were unprepared. 

Schedule Yearly Maintenance

While yearly visual inspections are important for your tank, the rest of your heating equipment should be maintained, as well. In fact, many heating equipment pieces require yearly maintenance to keep the warranty. It also benefits the owner by reducing the utility bill and boosting the equipment’s lifespan. 

You may wonder how much your bill could drop with some HVAC maintenance; when a system gets old or dirty, it operates less efficiently, thus running more. Depending on how inefficient the equipment is, your bill could change drastically. Additionally, regular maintenance can prevent the need for costly and unexpected repairs. Reach out to a professional in oil tank maintenance and schedule your yearly maintenance today. 

Get Help

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