As winter is approaching, one of the things households in the US think about is keeping their home warm. It is during this period that heating oil comes in handy to get you through the chilly temperatures. So, what is the best way to go about this when the time comes? Signing up for automatic heating oil delivery is the ideal way to prepare yourself before the time comes.

Before we show you why let’s briefly discuss what automatic heating oil delivery implies.

What is Automatic Heating Oil Delivery?

Suppose you are new to automatic heating oil delivery. In that case, it is an agreement to have heating oil delivered to your home by a company, usually within a year, by using the degree day’s system to calculate the next delivery date. Your consumption rate depends on the current temperature, and delivery history, which helps estimate if your tank level is low for new heating oil.

Having known what automatic delivery implies, now let’s look at the reasons why signing up with a company will be beneficial to you in the long run.

The Benefit of Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

  • Convenience

The worst-case scenario is exhausting your heating oil at the least expected time, and this is what you don’t want to happen. Heating Oil Company offers you convenience by bringing the product to your doorstep after calculating your next refill using special software. 

  • Cost-Effectiveness

By signing up for automatic oil delivery, you capitalize on better oil prices than buying from conventional heating oil sellers. Apart from saving money, it is possible to sign up for payment plans with automatic delivery.

  • Never Run Out of Oil

As much as you are still within the eligibility period, you can forget about running out of heating oil at any time. Have you thought about having to go in search of a heating Oil Company when you exhaust the last one you purchased? It is frustrating, right? That won’t be happening with automatic delivery.

  • Payment is not required at every delivery

In most cases, homeowners who use automatic heating oil can pay online every month with their credit cards. That is not the case for the local heating oil company, which requires providing your credit card for payment whenever you want a refill.

  • Subscribe to Preferred Payment plans

For the convenience of their customers, automatic heating oil company offers different payment plans that one-time buyers don’t enjoy. If you opt for automatic delivery, you can subscribe to the 10-month budget plan, 10-Month Standard Budget, pre-buy capped price plan, and pre-buy fixed price plan.

  • Preserve Your Heating System

Automatic heating oil delivery assures you of a durable heating system, given that your oil tank will never go dry at any time. This is because the presence of oil prevents your oil tank from clogging. An empty tank can block due to the sludge at the bottom of the oil tank.

6 Facts About Automated Heating Oil Delivery You Should Know

  1. There is enough time to deliver heating oil to your doorstep. Thanks to automated systems for estimation of consumption
  2. It offers peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about exhausting your oil
  3. Signing up is straightforward
  4. You can allocate your time effectively without bothering about monitoring your oil level
  5. Oil tank durability is assured
  6. Customer history and weather analysis are the basis of estimating your consumption


Since it is impossible to overemphasize the importance of automated heating oil delivery in the US, it’s high time you signed up for one today. There are a host of benefits you would enjoy with automated heating oil delivery. The effectiveness of heating oil delivery professionals is visible in the accuracy of their calculations. For automatic heating oil delivery, Interstate Gas & Oil is your go-to company. Contact us today by giving us a call or filling out our online contact form.

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