Some homes use an oil tank to provide fuel to heat the home. Without fuel in the tank, you can’t heat your home. How much fuel is left in the tank is something that’s all too easy to forget about. One day you’ll need the heat, only to find the tank is empty! That’s why every oil fuel tank should have a fuel tank gauge.

Locating the Oil Tank

Before you can read the fuel gauge, you have to locate the tank. Oil tanks are usually found on the exterior of the home, but they can be in the basement too. Most tanks are 275 gallons, so it will be hard to miss it! Walk around your property to locate the tank if you aren’t sure where it is.

Reading the Fuel Gauge

The gauge for the fuel tank is usually on the top of the tank. It will look similar to the gas gauge in your car. There’s a floating piece of the gauge inside the tank, which is how the fuel level is read.

The float in the glass vial will be close to one of the markings on the gauge at either Full, ¾, ½, ¼, or Empty. Reading from the top of the float is the best way to get an accurate fuel level for your tank.

Calculating the Remaining Fuel

Once you’ve read the gauge, you can do some simple math to calculate how many gallons of fuel are left in the tank. To do these calculations, you’ll need to know how much your tank holds.

Since the average tank size is 275 gallons, let’s use that as an example. A 275-gallon tank doesn’t hold 275 gallons of fuel though. Instead, it will hold around 240 gallons, with the rest of the room left open for air. If your tank reads at ¾, divide 240 by 0.75 to determine how many gallons are left.

How Long Does a Tank of Fuel Last?

Knowing how long a full tank of fuel lasts for your home is essential to preventing an unexpected empty tank. A full tank usually lasts around 18 to 24 months, depending on the usage. Next time your tank is full, write down the date so you can see how long your oil lasts. Your climate, how large the home is, and other heat sources will all impact how long a tank of fuel lasts.

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