Oil tank corrosion is caused by water and rust. They will sink to the bottom, start to build up, and severely damage your tank. Without taking the proper care of your oil tank, the damage could be astronomical. A new one would cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Thankfully, the experts at Interstate Oil & Gas can provide our advice on how you can prevent corrosion.

Keep Your Tank Full

Because water entering your tank is one of the top causes of tank corrosion, it is essential that there is no room for water to enter. Even though you may not be using it as much in the warmer months, it is important to always make sure your tank is full. During warmer months, the humidity tends to cause more condensation, which means more of a chance for water and moisture to enter your tank. If it is already full, you will have nothing to worry about.

Paint Coating

Corrosion-resistant paint coating is a huge help in preventing corrosion in your oil tank. These paint coatings are able to prevent rust from forming and repel water from getting in.

Invest in a Double Skinned/ Bunded Tank

There is no harm in having twice as much protection when it comes to your tank. Double skinned/ bunded tanks contain your take in a vacuum, ensuring there is no chance of water or air getting inside, ultimately preventing corrosion. Double skins are also able to detect any leaking.

Contact Interstate Gas and Oil

Interstate Gas and Oil offers our signature Interstate Tank Protection Program (ITP). We will begin corrosion prevention with Tank-Saver®, a corrosion inhibitor, which is put into your tank annually to reduce the internal chemical damage to your oil tank. The ITP Program provides you with protection, inside and out. 

Think about it, these small tips and tricks could save you from the aggravation and financial burden of dealing with oil tank-related problems. For further information about oil tank corrosion, prevention, and our ITP Program, give us a call today at (978) 443-2300.

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