Anytime a homeowner schedules an oil or propane tank refill delivery, they call a service to deliver the fuel since this job is not DIY. As a homeowner, you are the expert on your property and are responsible for creating a safe environment for yourself and the delivery team. 

So, what can you do to ensure the fuel delivery is done with the utmost care and precaution? 

You may believe these points are dramatic since “it’s just a delivery,” but when working with a flammable substance, there’s no room for error. 

Getting Your Home Ready For Your Fuel Delivery

Upon the day of the fuel delivery, you need to clear the encompassing space and pathway that heads to your tank. The whole section needs to be maintained and safe for the heating fuel deliverer. There are various safety measures you will need to take to provide a safe delivery zone for yourself and the driver depending on the location of your tank. 

  • Driveway: You will need to keep the driveway clear for the fuel refill delivery truck. Move a car (or all cars) to the street if you do not have a garage. 
  • Lawn: The area of the property that circles your propane or oil tank has to be landscaped, so it’s free of loose tree limbs or thorned bushes and free of dog feces, water puddles, or other obstacles at the time of your visit from the oil delivery team. 
  • Basement: If your tank is located in your basement, you will need to have the area cleaned and organized to make the delivery without hassle or danger. This delivery could be the perfect opportunity to get rid of all the clutter that’s been sitting down there!

Clear out the area around the driveway and the tank. 

On delivery day, clear out all debris and obstacles from the driveway and area of the yard that houses the tank. 

Foliage: Depending on where you are and what time of year the delivery is, you may have wet leaves piled up throughout the yard and surrounding the tank.

Snow: If it’s wintertime, be sure to shovel the driveway, any necessary walkways, and around the tank. Throw salt down if you have it. 

Debris: Remove fallen branches or other debris resulting from storms that may have recently occurred.  

Boxes and garbage: This is more of an issue related to tanks located in the basement, but clear out boxes that block the tank. However, even if your tank is outside, leave the driveway clear of these things, so the driver has room to maneuver the truck and refill. 

Vehicles: Move your cars into your garage or into the street to keep the driveway clear, and the same goes for trailers, boats, and bikes as well. 

Keep pets inside for the delivery. 

If you have any pets, be sure to keep them inside for the delivery. If wild animals are surrounding the area of your tank, such as nests, etc., then reach out to proper authorities so they may be safely relocated. 

Be aware of the tank’s Location and Its Ownership Status.

In preparation for your delivery person, you ought to be aware of the tank’s location and clear the encompassing area properly. For instance, depending on the layout or design of your premises, the tank will be in one of these areas:

  • Behind the house
  • Beside the house
  • Below ground
  • In the basement

Preserve The Tank in Dependable Condition

As a renter or owner, you are the responsible party for the state of the propane or oil tank. 

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