The last thing you want to be dealing with in the middle of the cold New England winter is a heating system that isn’t working properly. Thankfully, by preparing your system for the cold winter months before it’s too late can help prevent issues during the winter season.

Your Heating To-Do List

1. Get an Annual Tune-Up – Scheduling an annual tune-up of your heating system will help make sure your system is in working order and diagnose any issues before they become expensive ones. At Interstate Gas & Oil, your annual service will include the inspection, cleaning and adjustment of the heating system, lubrication of all parts, cleaning of your boiler or furnace, and operational checks.

2. Check Your Air Filter – Dirty air filters will slow down and block air flow, causing your system to work harder than it has to and reducing it’s efficiency. Together, these can cause your system to reach the end of its lifespan sooner than normal and can cause high heating bills. For the average home, the air filter should be changed out every three months. If you have pets or respiratory issues, your filter should be switched out more frequently.

3. Clean Air Registers and Vents – By cleaning your air registers and vents, you’re able to limit the amount of dirt and dust that’s pushed into the air you breathe, as well as keeps these allergens away from your furnace or boiler.

4. Sign Up for an Interstate Gas & Oil Service Plan – Our service plans ensure your system stays in tip-top condition, all winter long. Get all of the details today!

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