Your air conditioning unit is a big investment and you should do what’s necessary to protect that investment and get the most out of it. You want to ensure efficient operation and that your air conditioning unit lasts as long as it’s expected. This will, of course, depend largely on the level of effort that you will put into maintenance and care of the unit. Let’s take a look at a number of ways that you can extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

Give Your Air Conditioner a Break 

The more you use your air conditioning unit, the faster wear and tear occurs. It’s a good idea to shut the air conditioner off if you plan on leaving home for an extended period of time. For example, if you are leaving home for a long vacation (more than two weeks), you can save on energy costs by turning off the air conditioning system. If you have a programmable thermostat, you can start cooling your home a day prior to returning. Still, it’s widely recommended that the thermostat be turned up while away from home for a long period of time and not shut off. Turning up the thermostat at night can also help to extend the life of your air conditioning unit. 

Clean AC Unit Regularly

Proper air conditioner maintenance involves giving your AC unit regular cleaning. With the AC unit outdoors, it is bound to accumulate dirt, dust and leaves and other debris that can inhibit the optimal performance of the AC unit. You want to minimize the chances of mechanical breakdown and cleaning your AC unit on a regular basis can help to achieve that end.

Tune-up AC on a Regular Basis

If you care about extending the life of your AC unit, regular AC tune-ups play a crucial role in the process is important when it comes to lengthening the life of the unit. Regular tune-ups will help to keep your AC unit reliable and strong and stop problems before they emerge. A spring tune-up is often best since people often use their unit more frequently during the summer months. Think of it as a preventative measure that will save you money and prolong the life of your unit.

Change the Filter

Preventing your air conditioning filters from becoming clogged is important to the longevity of the AC unit. Frequent change of the AC filter helps to improve the overall efficiency of the unit by keeping dust and debris out of your AC unit. This will also minimize wear and tear on the AC unit and to prevent breakdown.

Interstate Gas & Oil

The longevity of your AC unit will depend on the quality maintenance and care that you give to the unit. For your air conditioner maintenance, it’s best to hire an air condition maintenance company like Interstate Gas & Oil to get the job done right.

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