Whether you’ve purchased a home with heating oil or need a new oil company, there are several factors to consider when making your choice. Oil companies have the opportunity for repeat customers every year, which means discovering the best option requires looking at the available information. The process involves research into various companies, hashing out contractual details, and making comparisons between competitors. Ultimately, choosing the best oil company for your home requires knowing what’s most important to you. 

Do Your Research

The internet provides vast amounts of data for adequate research on businesses. Fortunately, oil companies have online reviews just like any other company. You can also gather information from neighbors and friends who use heating oil in their homes. Pay attention to what customers liked and didn’t like about the company – do the same things matter to you? Dive deep in your research to gather a full picture of the potential oil companies. 

Who Has the Best Deals?

Many oil companies offer certain deals for first-time customers. Others provide sales throughout the year. Compare deals from one organization to the next. Is there an existing deal worth putting aside any reservations about an oil delivery business? You may also want to find out how often coupons are available for each potential organization. 

What is the Contract Situation?

The contract can be a deal breaker for many customers. Not many buyers like getting stuck with an organization that they cannot leave when they want. This is why it is vital to determine the ins and outs of a contract – if there is one – for the oil companies you are considering. Read the fine print and do not sign anything until you understand exactly what the contract entails. 

Check Out Potential Fees and Tank Ownership

Fees are a part of many delivery services, including heating oil. While fees are not always present, they are common. Be sure to hash out any and all fees associated with each company you are looking into. 

You will also want to clarify details regarding tank ownership. Some organizations will only deliver to and maintain their own tanks. However, many homes have previously installed tanks, which can cause issues when an organization wants its own tank to be used. Understanding the expectations of each oil company regarding the tank can help determine the right fit. 

Make a Price Comparison

Price comparison is one of the most important components of choosing an oil company. Many homeowners decide to go with the lowest price, no matter which company is offering. However, there is a lot to consider when it comes to price. Oil prices rise and fall drastically throughout the year. If you were to gather information about Company A in the spring and compare it to the prices gathered for Company B in the summer, your data could lead you down the wrong path.

Here are some things to think about when completing a price comparison:

  • Time of year
  • Amount needed
  • Fees
  • Coupons, deals, and sales

By utilizing a well-organized chart, you can complete a price comparison that encompasses all the details gathered regarding each company. Determining the best route from there is a more straightforward process. 

What are the Delivery Times?

You might be happy with a delivery that can occur within a week, but others may need oil faster. Check out the estimated times for delivery. Verifying the estimated times with reviews and claims from friends can be crucial to ensure the times are honest. 

Get in Touch!

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