Having a good time outdoors is one of the best ways to pass the time until bad weather lurks around the corner. Not only does severe weather ruin our days, but it can also send the prices of heating oil through the roof. A major reason why severe weather can affect heating oil prices is an interference in the supply of heating oil.

Irregularities In Supply of Heating Oil

Most regions of the country have to import the heating oil they need from other parts of the country with functional refineries. Naturally, these parts can only store a fixed amount of oil to service their residents. However, when the weather gets extremely bad, it gets harder for these regions to get their regular supply of heating oil. 

Sometimes, the roads get clogged up and blocked. Other times, bridges get destroyed in the midst of a storm. It is a general rule of thumb that people avoid moving around in bizarre weather. 

Windscreens get foggy, and visibility reduces drastically. Basically, it is unsafe to travel in the middle of a storm. And, as the laws of economics dictate, when there is a reduction in supply, the price of the goods or services goes up – even if it is for a short while.

How To Dodge the Effects of Bad Weather on Heating Oil Prices

With proper planning, you can avoid buying heating oil during severe weather to the barest minimum. To start with, always expect the worst-case scenario. To prepare for the future, it is essential to use long-term weather forecasts to plan ahead and make sure you keep your tank at least one-quarter full at all times.

If you are aware of an incoming storm, you should not wait until the day it is expected to hit before you fill up your fuel tank. That way, you are prepared in case of emergencies. Not only that, you get to have a reserve when the expected bizarre weather comes. 

If there is an irregular supply of heating oil in your vicinity, you can ride out the weather and utilize your buffer as efficiently as possible so that you won’t run out while the weather is still severe. It can provide peace of mind to know that you have a sufficient supply of heating oil on hand to meet your home heating needs without having to go out during inclement weather.


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