As warm weather starts to fade into the months of fall, you might have questions regarding the oil left in your tank. You may be specifically wondering if the oil can go bad after sitting for too long. Luckily for you, heating oil in residential tanks can last for up to two years. To make sure this is the case for you, you should always use high-quality oil that utilizes precise additives. This will ensure that there are no impurities, and your oil will flow easily to properly heat your home. 

How Much Oil Will You Use?

Another annual consideration you must make is how much oil you will need. The first factor to consider is the temperatures. During milder weather, you will use considerably less oil than when the temperatures drop below freezing. An average-sized house will consume around two gallons per day in cool weather and closer to eight gallons per day in the below-freezing ranges. If you find you’re using too much heating oil, it may be time to look into your heating system to reveal any potential problems

What Non-Weather-Related Factors Affect Consumption?

The size of your home plays a big part in understanding how much oil you will utilize on average. Smaller homes will use less heating oil, while larger homes will use more. The age of your home can also affect your heating oil usage rates. In older homes, the insulation may be inadequate. Speaking of age, your furnace’s age also takes a big part in determining your projected usage. Older equipment will almost always be less efficient. Finally, your lifestyle will also affect how much oil you use. If you like to keep the thermostat set high, the furnace will run for longer which means more oil is used. This is especially true if you keep the heat set to high overnight.

How to Prepare for the Colder Months

Have your furnace maintenance routinely. Refer to your user’s manual to ensure you follow a proper schedule, which typically involves twice-per-year inspections and tune-ups. Plan ahead to make sure that you have enough oil. There’s nothing worse than waking up to the realization that you’ve run out of heating oil. You’re also likely to incur an emergency fill charge for ordering more oil on short notice. You can get on a regular fill schedule based on your consumption levels or fill your tank on an as-needed basis. 

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