Heating Oil Delivery & Oil Tank Maintenance Services in Shrewsbury, MA

Shrewsbury has a stunning, central location with close and easy access to airports, the ocean and beaches, and the mountains! It is a suburban town with big-city amenities!  Located right on Lake Quinsigamond, residents are able to enjoy stunning scenery, the water in the summer, and easy access to all the wonderful places surrounding the town. 

Located just 30 minutes away from our home base in Sudbury, Interstate Gas & Oil is proud to provide our expert heating oil delivery and oil tank maintenance services to the residents and businesses of Shrewsbury! 

Heating Oil Delivery Services in Shrewsbury, MA

In Massachusetts, it is crucial to have a heating oil delivery company you can always rely on, even in the worst of weather conditions; Interstate Gas and Oil wants to be that for Shrewsbury residents and business owners! Our expert team has been providing dependable oil delivery services for nearly 70 years! 

Our automatic oil delivery services give you peace of mind that you will always have enough fuel, even during the worst weather conditions. We have always been able to keep pace with the heating needs of our customers. No matter what time of day or weather forecast, our 24/7 emergency oil delivery service is there for you during your time of need.

Annual Oil Tank Maintenance Services in Shrewsbury, MA

Corrosion is an oil tank owner’s worst nightmare. Damage and corrosion inside your oil tank can cost you thousands of dollars for a replacement. Luckily, Interstate Gas & Oil offers expert, annual oil tank maintenance services to prevent corrosion and keep the integrity of your tank for years to come. When you sign up for our annual services, once a year, one of our experts will come out to your tank to perform a complete, thorough inspection to evaluate if any repairs are necessary. 

To ensure your oil tank has complete protection inside and out, we recommend signing up for our Interstate Tank Protection Program (ITTP).

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Our team at Interstate looks forward to providing residents and businesses of Shrewsbury with our expert heating oil delivery and oil tank maintenance services. To learn more or to get started with a service today, be sure to give us a call or fill out our online contact form

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