Heating Oil Delivery & Maintenance Services in Wayland, MA

Wayland, Massachusetts, is a quiet, quaint town located right in between Boston and Worcester. It is a mainly residential community, as many residents commute to Boston for work, allowing for a peaceful, “bedroom community”. 

Interstate Gas and Oil is located less than 4 miles away in Sudbury, making it extremely easy and convenient for us to provide our expert heating oil delivery and maintenance services to Wayland residents. 

Heating Oil Delivery Services in Wayland, MA

Interstate Gas and Oil is proud to provide reliable, trustworthy heating oil delivery services to all of Wayland. In Massachusetts, the winters can reach frigid temperatures, so it is critical to ensure that your home is stocked with heating oil at all times. With automatic delivery services from Interstate Gas and Oil, you will never have to worry about running out of oil during harsh weather. If for any reason you find yourself without oil, we have a 24/7 emergency service team to make certain that heating oil gets to your home. 

Annual Oil Tank Maintenance Services in Wayland, MA

Oil tanks are not guaranteed to last unless you are properly maintaining them. Corrosion is a common problem with oil tanks, and if the corrosion gets too severe, a new oil tank can cost you thousands. You can avoid corrosion and tank replacement by signing up for annual oil tank maintenance services with Interstate Gas and Oil. Every year, a member of our expert team will come out to your tank to complete a full inspection and make repairs as necessary. 

Interstate Gas & Oil will tune-up your heating system as follows:

  • Inspection, cleaning, and adjustment
  • Lubrication of burner motor, blower motor, fan bearings, circulator bearings, and motor.
  • Cleaning of boiler or furnace, flue pipe, and chimney base
  • Operational check out oil burner and controls 

We recommend signing up for our Interstate Tank Protection Program, a two-step program to maintain your oil tank to the highest level. The part of this program is to use Tank-Saver®, a corrosion inhibitor, inside of your tank to reduce chemical damage and corrosion. The second part of the ITP program is a tank replacement warranty covering removing and replacing your program-covered tank and certified disposal. For 20 cents a day, you can save thousands of dollars on a tank replacement. 

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