The cold winter weather is right around the corner and setting yourself up for success to ensure your family stays cozy all winter long is crucial. No one wants to be wearing hats and gloves in their homes! By utilizing an automatic oil delivery program or will call, you’ll be able to achieve just that. But what’s the difference between the two and which should you choose? We’re breaking it down for you below, as well as answering your most frequently asked questions!

What is Automatic Oil Delivery?

When utilizing automatic oil delivery, our team at Interstate Gas & Oil will be able to estimate when you will need an oil delivery, based several factors.

Automatic oil delivery takes into consideration burner efficiency, tank size, and your previous heating oil usage. By taking these factors into consideration, we are able to come up with degree days, which are the number of days the temperature will drop below 65 degrees. Once those days kick in, our software will kick in and start determining your oil heating usage.

What is Will Call Service?

Will call service requires more hands-on work from homeowners! When the heating oil levels get low, the homeowner will call to schedule the heating oil delivery. There is nothing wrong with utilizing will call service, but if the heating oil levels get too low and you wait too long to schedule your delivery, you might have to go a day or two without heat.

When Will I Get My Oil Delivery?

With automatic oil delivery service, your oil will delivered when your oil levels reach 25%. With will call service, your heating oil will be delivered whenever you schedule your appointment.

Is Automatic Oil Delivery or Will Call Service Better?

Deciding on which heating oil delivery program that would work best for you is all based on your lifestyle! If you want a hands-off approach with your heating oil delivery, automatic oil delivery will be your best option.

Heating Oil Delivery from Interstate Gas & Oil

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