As we get into the fall and the warm weather gradually transforms into the cold one that ushers in the dreary winter, now is the time to carry out your oil tank maintenance routine. This routine check during the fall helps you prepare for the long winter and ensures you don’t get stranded during the cold winter months. Here are the major fall oil tank to-dos for this season.

Inspect the Tank

The first thing on your fall oil tank to-do list is inspection. Check thoroughly to see if the tank and its attached components are still in place. These include bolts, valves and pipes. Some of the major areas to check are:

  • Tank Legs: Check to see if the tank legs are rusted, broken, and seated on a firm and sturdy surface.
  • Tank: Look for signs of dents, rusts, wet spots, and blackened spots around the drain. Blackened spots around the drain are usually a sign of water in the tank. 
  • Leakages: The best time to check for leakages is now. Check the tank, valves, filters, and the supply lines for leaks. You don’t want to wait until winter to find out you have a leakage problem.Clean Your Tank

Clean Your Tank

If you’ve not cleaned your tank in years, this fall might be the perfect time to do that. You may need a professional to do this. Cleaning an oil tank involves:

  • Cleaning oil spillages and stains
  • Removing any dirt or debris from the external bund.
  • Checking for water contamination
  • Using a TSP cleanser and denatured alcohol to clean the inside.
  • Treating and painting the tank in case of rust or corrosion.

Significantly, water contamination can lead to corrosion and cause leaks. This is why it’s important to clean out the tank periodically. Experts advise cleaning your tank at least once in every five years.

Test the Furnace

This season is the best time to test your furnace before the cold winter descends. Clean the dust that has been collecting since summer, and fire up the furnace! That way, you can make repairs, if there are any, before it becomes too cold. 

Clean the Gutters and Replace the Air Filters

During the long summer and early fall, it’s normal for your gutters and filters to collect debris and dust. Now is the perfect time to clear the gutters and make sure it’s clean and free for the long winter. You also want to make sure that the air filters are clean to ensure your heating system works efficiently and you have clean air.

Fill your tank

Now that you’ve confirmed that your tank is still in good condition, you can go ahead to fill it if you’re yet to. Early fall is the perfect time to fill or top up the oil since the weather is still relatively warm. The oil prices are still fair around this period until the winter when the prices get higher. It’s advisable to take advantage of the fair prices and fill or top up your tank now before it gets colder!


Planning ahead for the winter can save you a lot of costs and repairs. Preparing your oil tank and heating system for the winter will require specific expertise you may not have. This is why we recommend using a professional. Our team at Interstate Gas & Oil are oil tank maintenance and heating oil delivery experts that can effectively cater to all your oil tank and heating system needs. Give us a call today or fill out your online contact form

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