When looking for heating options for the home, many people automatically choose either natural gas or electricity. However, there is one other far safer and more efficient option… heating oil! When stacked up against the competition, oil burns much hotter (at about 40,000 more BTUs per gallon than gas). An oil-burning furnace also lasts about twice as long as a gas-burning furnace does. Add all of that to the fact that oil is non-carcinogenic, non-toxic, and biodegradable, and the choice is obvious. But what other benefits does heating the home with oil offer? 

Heating Oil is Safe

This type of fuel oil is not naturally explosive. In fact, heating oil is only able to be ignited using the type of advanced system that comes in a furnace or oil-burner (which must reach 140 degrees before it combusts). It will not burn in its liquid state, which makes it a far safer option for heating your home. Essentially, what that means is that a flame dropped directly into liquid heating oil will act the same as it would in a glass of water; going out immediately instead of starting a fire.

Heating Oil is Popular

Oil is the method in which most households use to keep their homes warm, to the tune of nearly 29 million households. Part of its popularity relates to how oil continues to get more environmentally friendly over time and with continued research. In fact, the most recent Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) ratings for emissions called it the cleanest source of combustion currently available in the United States. 

Heating Oil is Economical

In addition to being safe to use and popular among homeowners, heating oil is also the smartest, most economical choice. The annual heating costs associated with using it in your home are consistently less than both electric and gas heating sources. Upgrading to a furnace or oil-burner to heat your home can actually save you around 40% a year on fuel costs alone, and an oil heating appliance can last around 30 years if maintained properly.  

Heating Oil is Efficient

According to studies done by the Department of Ecology, heating oil is 16% more efficient than natural gas. It also works at an average of about 85 – 90% efficiency, making it the leader for home heating in terms of how much heat the home receives related to its cost. The newest units are even reported to work at about 95% efficiency, which is better than nearly every heating source on the market. 

Heating Oil is Warmer

While natural gas is warm, heating oil is about 300 to 400 degrees warmer. In fact, oil burns so warm that it can heat the home more quickly than any other form of energy, while also using less fuel. When combined with the fact that it costs far less overall than any other form of home heating energy, heating oil is the obvious choice for homeowners looking to get the most bang for their buck. 

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