As your air conditioning system is running more frequently, it’s prone to issues, especially if it hasn’t been maintained in awhile. And the last thing you want on a hot New England summer day is to come home from work to a broken air conditioning system. If your air conditioning system has been running for an extended period of time, it can overheat and trip the circuit breaker. To avoid this issue, follow the tips below.

Replace the Filters

The filters in your air conditioning system have the important job of removing dirt and pollen from the air before it’s pushed into your home and to protect your unit from contaminents. When your air filter becomes dirty and clogged due to this debris, our unit has to work harder to cool your home. Overtime, your unit will overheat and cause a trip in the circuit breaker.

To avoid this issue, we recommend changing your air filter every three months.

Schedule a Regular Maintenance Appointment

By receiving an air conditioning tune up prior to the beginning of the summer season, a licensed HVAC technician will be able to ensure your system is running properly and cean the coils and filters that are essential for keeping your system running efficiently.

Check Refrigerant Levels

If the refrigerant levels are low, or if there is no refrigerant in your unit at all, your air conditioning system wil run constantly. Overtime, this will cause the air that is being pushed into your home to get warmer and your home won’t be as cool as it should. If you notice your system running constantly, it’s best to call for a tune up as soon as possible.

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