A functional and well-maintained furnace makes life easier in cold weather. The better the furnace serves, the better you stay in winters. A good fiery furnace is not a luxury; instead, it’s a necessity in winter.

However, you have to make sure it’s working smoothly and check whether your furnace is going out? Don’t worry; we will help you with that. 

We will share some tips on identifying signs that your furnace is going out.

Remember, different factors can cause a furnace to go out, such as a stuck or choke burner, a break in the ducting system. It’s functioning the temperature you set in.

Let’s discuss the major signs that tell your furnace is going out.

Set temperature not met

A thermostat check will decide whether it meets the set temperature. 

It’s common, yet most of us ignore it. Check any notifications on the thermostat. If you hear the humming of your furnace, but it blows no hot air, then probably there’s a problem. It’s an easy check method.

This can be due to factors like burner choking or clogging in the ducting system. This will affect directly on your energy bills.

Weak Air Flow

This can occur due to multiple reasons. The foremost is a choking furnace filter. This is an effect of dirty filters. These dirty filters resist airflow or give a weaker intake of air, thus reducing the minimal flow of air. Dirty filters can make furnace systems work extra to push air through ducts.

Whatever air furnace generates remains inside. This may cause overheating to other adjacent components. Nowadays, modern furnaces come with safety features that may not let it happen, as it shuts down automatically.

Humming Noise

Whatever the problem is with your furnace, it will give a humming noise. It may be a hum, bang, grinding, or whirring noise. 

These sounds may not be coming from your furnace; it may be from a duct breach. Hence, this may be the right time to call in an HVAC professional for servicing.

Flame Color is Yellow instead of Blue 

When your furnace is in operation, and the flame turns yellow, it’s alarming. This is a sign your furnace is producing an excessive and dangerously high amount of carbon monoxide. It’s a health hazard. You must call in the service people to rectify it ASAP. 

This carbon monoxide can also get excess condensation and rust on the piping system. 


A furnace’s sole purpose is to heat your home to a temperature of your liking. If all other components are intact and there is no apparent abnormality, then keep an eye on your heating bills. If they are increasing by 10% or more than the last bill, then get your furnace cleaned for optimal functionality and energy-efficiency.


During winter, when the furnace works for longer hours, you may need to run a check. Are there any rotten, pungent, or sulfur smells causing headaches or other fatigue? Check it and prevent yourself and others from more health hazards or complications. In this case, call an HVAC tech.

Final Word

If you identify any of the signs mentioned above or don’t know why your furnace is not working properly, call Interstate Gas and Oil. We can help you overcome your winter worries when it comes to keeping your furnace running. We work with dedication, commitment and follow strict safety measurements. Moreover, we don’t leave your place until you get satisfied. Give us a call at (978) 443-2300.

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