Have you recently purchased a home and entering your first winter with heating oil? Budgeting for how much heating oil you will need to get you through the winter months can be difficult but with some knowledge, it can be easier!

Here’s how you can make an estimate how much heating oil you will use this winter.

What Size Tank Do You Have?

The size of your heating oil tank will be the biggest factor of how much heating oil you will use and how much you need to budget for delivery. Once you know what size tank you have, you’ll want to make calculations based on your house size and lifestyle.

Homes that are 1-2 bedrooms typically have a heating oil tank around 300 gallons and 3-4 bedrooms homes typically have a heating oil tank around 500 gallons.

How Much Heating Oil Will You Use?

When your heating oil tank is in operation, it will use an average of 0.8 to 1.7 gallons per hour. If you fill a 300 gallon tank once per month, the average homeowner will see eight to nine hours of use per day.

By finding out how much heating oil was used the previous year, you will be able to determine how to heat your home more efficiently moving forward.

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